Our Projects

UAV for Smart Grid Application

1) Transmitting Line Monitoring; 2) Transmitting Line Location 3) Transmitting Line Plan

Intelligent computing, green computing

Intelligent computing, green computing.

Power Management

1)power system analysis and control 2)Power system stability and control 3)power generation with renewable energy source

IOT for Smart Grid

1) eqpuipent condition wireless monitoring; 2) harsh environment IoT technology; 3)multi UAV power control and coordinated flight

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology of power network,Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province ,and so on.

Battery test system of electric vehicle

Battery test system of electric vehicle

Fuel cell vehicle battery test system

Fuel cell vehicle battery test system.

Power electronic technology; ediatry

Application of Power Electronic Technology in AC Power Transmission System.

New energy

Effective promoted our energy saving and new energy vehicle technology and the industrial development.

Main Research Results

These products realize the applications  of smart grid , For example,  they can do the fault diagnosis; battery management; power grid relay protection; wireless monitoring of rotating machine, etc. The classic application fields include:1) Wireless monitoring of rotating equipment : normal in  large-scale power plants (including nuclear power stations that are not used in nuclear island).2) intelligent household IoT’s energy management.Self-developed IoT access products of have many patents



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